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{December 8, 2006}   wonder women

i’m always raving about how the young families in australia tend to have the culture of continuing an active outdoorish lifestyle even with babies in tow. yesterday at the dandenong ranges, i came across one such instance. this time is was even more astounding because 1) the mother was alone, 2) she just descended from and in all likelihood would have ascended the 1000 steps trail, 3) she was bearing the weight of her baby and the carrier that her baby was in.

even though i’ve more than once blogged about babies and motherhood, i do not claim to be baby-crazy. the crux of my observations are grounded on the laudable attitude of women who continue to strive to be independent, strong and gungho even after life-changing events such as bearing children.

the will power to decide that the active life style need not necessarily be compromised is incredible. the welfare of the children will definitely take centre stage, and it can also be accommodated into existing interests.

although this is pretty much a female-centric post, it is perhaps essential to mention that support that the father provides is just as crucial. it isn’t only the woman the pushes the pram. the geek witnessed a dad running a marathon with a pram in tow.

the asian society i come from would flabbergast at this notion. it is no wonder that this baby carrier isn’t selling like hot cakes in singapore.


I think Sports Connection has a Deuter carrier. šŸ˜‰ The Kathmandu one looks quite fancy though…

boey says:

i disagree, i’ve seen baby carriers used in sg. admittingly not the same high frequency, but they exist. my sis used to have a babybjorn to carry the kids around, think she passed it to my cousin.

steelwool says:

well boey, you’re not disagreeing that they’re not selling like hot cakes. the notion that the society would flabbergust at is not the usage of these carriers per say, but the outdoor lifestyle as i know it in australia.

csw says:

oohhh i so agree on the likelihood of baby carriers being spotted in sg. in any case – the carrier can hold up to a baby of 19 kgs! oh myyyy. that’s like what.. a 2-yr old?

on tha tnote – im carefully considering ur n jean’s offer on the marathon. i got myself a new pair of Asics!

steelwool says:

all right! marathon woman, nothing to be intimidated about =)

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