death by paper cut

{December 15, 2006}   city walkabout

before attending yet another round of photo-taking with graduating friends, some others and i explored the surprising alley ways of cafes and quirky retailers.

the area bordered by swanton, elizabeth, bourke and flinders are made of a labyrinth of intertwining walkways and arcades. i recommend that you start by walking through the Causeway – a small alley along bourke street mall – and emerging at little collins. stop for a drink and cake at Laurent, a french patisserie at the corner of the causeway and little collins. cross little collins to proceed onto the Block Arcade. whip out a book or magazine while sipping cappuccino at one of these tucked away cafes. to rest your eyes and delight your ears, browse through Basement Discs, an ‘underground’ music shop at the block arcade, chock full of b-side tracks, obscure and mainstream. make your way to Degrave Street or Centre Place to be spoilt for a greater choice of alfresco dining. for delectable desserts make your way back to little collins street and drop by Chocolate Fire at the Hub Arcade.


Basement Discs

Alley ways of Cafes

(The Causeway, Centre Place & Degraves Street)



[…] my dear friends who do not venture off swanston street very much, please do check out the alleys of cafes for a cheap and good cuppa amidst great […]

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