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{December 16, 2006}   Me!bourne Walks

averaging about 2 hours each, 7 walks close to the melbourne city have been nicely mapped out for independent ‘tourists’ like myself who hate large throngs of crowds and a shrieking screeching tour guide, and would rather take my time snapping photos and observing the peace.

in fact, most of these places are considered to be off the beaten track because they are not frequented by most. interesting trivia about each destination is provided with the maps, again something most locals are clueless about.

today, i embarked on map number 1 that took me to fitzroy gardens. it was a walk in the park more enjoyable than i envisioned. interesting points include the model tudor village, the conservatory and spying on wedding parties and barbies.

i will definitely be frequenting the summer events at fitzroy gardens come january; performance, concerts and painting (all materials provided!) who can resist?

interesting flowers at the conservatory
the name of which wasn’t provided, so i’ll call it the chinese lantern flower.

model tudor village

stalker dolphin

all routes start and end at federation square. get your copy of the maps at the tourist info, or simply download them.


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