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{December 22, 2006}   Last Post of 2006

in a while, i’ll be hopping on an overnight coach to party away christmas and nye in the party town of sydney. the nye festivities and renown fireworks are supposedly so happening that it will be the only city to be broadcast nation wide during the countdown.

3 out of the 11 days will be spent lazing around the blue mountains. being the planner that i am, i’ve shortlisted the various places of interest that i might visit. other than that it will be mostly free and easy.

2006 was an incredible year for me, not to say that the other years are less interesting. but being able to spend an extended period of time away from home is quite something, plus the many unexpected visits from friends back home, and the various other states that i’ve managed to travel to within the relatively short span of a year. like i always say, i’m on a 2 year holiday, made more exciting by scoring in quite a few academic pursuits.

by the time i return to melbourne, the year would be over. to most of my friends who are working, remember this for the coming year; work wouldn’t love your back, doing more does not mean achieving more.

merry christmas and a blessed new year to one and all! 


c_mei says:

merry christmas hohoho!

c_mei says:

merry christmas hohoho! have a wonderful trip!

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