death by paper cut

{January 4, 2007}   A Day in the Life of a Sydneysider

i concluded 2006 and started 2007 in sydney. my 10 days were filled with a good range of activities, including a typical aussie christmas lunch, 3D/2N at the blue mountains, long cliff and beach walks, sumptuous meals with relatives at top notch restaurants and home cooked dinners, as well as spending an entire day to secure a vantage for the infamous sydney nye fireworks.


until the final overnight coach ride back to melbourne in a greyhound, everything ran smoothly without a glitch. at 2am, in the middle of nowhere the bus broke down. trying his darnest, the driver tweaked with the engine till 6am; the time we were originally scheduled to arrive in melbourne. fortunately, with the help of a ‘passerby’ mechanic also traveling interstate, the engine choked back to live and we were once again on our way. i found it difficult to sleep through the 4 hour interruption as the back of the bus got very hot and stuffy since the air conditoning was naturally switched off. as a result, the original 11 hours on the road stretched to 15.


on the bright side, a broken down bus in the middle of nowhere is better than a broken down plane in mid air. i was glad to find that all the roused passengers were good natured and were patiently waiting on endlessly without one grumble. i suppose being mostly young independent backpackers, these travellers understand that not everything always goes according to plan, and that nothing is really a matter of life and death.


all in all, sydney was a very enjoying holiday within a holiday; one of three travel destinations during this summer break. i have taken heaps of photographs, but i’ve chosen to thematically display pictures that depicts the lounging sydneysider. afterall, most places i’ve been to were not typical tourist traps.


Circular Quay


Archibald Fountain


Pylon Lookout


The Gap


Federation Cliff

South Head


Bondi Beach


Tamara Beach


Scenic Skyway, Blue Mountains


Scenic Railway, Blue Mountains


Sydney Opera House


NYE Fireworks


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