death by paper cut

{January 15, 2007}   Swinging Sensations

melbourne’s weather fluctuates beyond prediction. the temperature can differ by 10 or 15 degree celcius from day to day. we were very fortunate to have amazing weather yesterday. sitting in the cool shade of Fitzroy Gardens, it didn’t feel like the temperature rose beyond 25 degrees. together with jazzy tunes crooned by B# Little Big Band, the balmy breezes swirled around us and the many clusters of picnickers, many with small children.

accompanied by Steve Purcell’s Pearly Shells, the pace picked up closer to the evening with Swing Patrol teaching the crowd a thing or two about the likes of the jitterbug and lindy hop. the uninhibited picnickers quickly picked up the contagious jiving and groovying and were on their way to creating some new moves of their own.

these are a part of a series of events organised by the city of melbourne under the banner of Summer Fun in the City. Check out That’s Me!bourne for more details and other up coming events.

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