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{January 19, 2007}   homeworld

i’m back to my homeworld for three weeks. it feels surreal, more like travelling back in time than having travelled from another geographical dimension. and yet because singapore morphs at the speed of lightning, it feels like a time travel trip warped between the past and the future. maybe i’ve just been star trekking a tad bit much.

you know you’re home when you do not have to use adaptors for your various gadget chargers. i am also pleasantly surprised that i can still make use of my eazy-link card although its been a full year since its last usage. but you also know that you are just-passing-through when you’re using a temporary mobile number with a pre-paid card. i also deliberated how i should categorise this post; should it still be ‘on the road’ since technically i am home from the road. on the other hand, i am on holiday.

i’ve just spent my first day with a family day out at the zoo. its my niece first trip, and for the first time, she saw large animals. (well, she has been to petting zoos in australia, but those are minuscule animals) my mom hasn’t been there since i was very young, so it can also be considered her first time there.

from tomorrow, i shall embark of my rediscovery of my homeworld (star trek-speak) as a trigger-happy tourist. in my year in australia, i could have easily taken a thousand splendid photos. it is time that i did this sunny island some justice. i stand my ground that it is not a boring place void of authenticity and culture. just you wait.


oh ure back on sunny singgieland!! shall we catch a drink someday? gimme a call!

c says:

oy.are you still using your old phone number? could’t reach you

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