death by paper cut

{January 29, 2007}   home is street, lanes and alleys

there is lots to see and experience in your own backyard, especially in a place like singapore that changes all the time. to all those who live in this sunny island: do not take the mundane everyday sights and smells for granted because it might, for instance, be demolished to make way for a redundant tunnel.

trying to be as positive as i can about the things that i cannot change, i visited the relative new national library. although interesting kaleidoscope formations can be seen in the imposing structure of glass and steel, it did not do it for me.

fortunately, just around the corner of the bugis area is a place where tangible heritage and modern commercial ventures seems to have managed to co-exist. in fact, these small and medium size businesses capitalise on these “old fashioned” architecture as a crowd puller. i am ambivalent about encouraging the popularity of niche areas, however business do need a crowd to survive. in the mean time, do consider patronising the unique and chic cafes and stalls at haji lane, bussorah street and arab street. have a cup of coffee or puff a hooka if you prefer.


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