death by paper cut

{January 30, 2007}   home is keeping connected

i think i’ve figured it out; i know when i’m at home (wherever that might be) when i have unlimited internet access. as a rule, i do not tend to have internet access nor the time to log on for hours on end whenever i’m on holiday because with limited time at my current location, i’ll probably be booked back to back with activites and appointments. actually that might be a good excuse for “i live in cyber space”.

but truly, my need to access the internet is to update my blog, and keep updated with that of others, especially with friends overseas. also, with my trigger happy tendencies, i have lots of photos to edit and upload. my blog is my inner space where i consciously take time to ponder and muse, otherwise it is easy to be lost in the flurry when caught up in the whirlwind of events.

before blogging, i kept a journal saved in microsoft word, that used to be my interior world. so switching it online wasn’t a big change, in fact my contemplations became more alive and current with interactivity and hyperlinks.

in other musing; why is there a skinny snowman sweltering in the heat at vivo city?

and, can copywriting get any worse?


csw says:

eh is that snowman new? i don’t think i saw it when i went to vivo. and the company should hire me to copywrite. bah. anyone could do better than that.

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