death by paper cut

{February 7, 2007}   red dot traffic

on the first weekend of every month, the market of artists and designers (maad) takes place at red dot traffic. having frequented weekly markets of this nature in melbourne, i was glad that singapore has started its own version of rose street market. while those who have been to rost street market in melbourne might disgree with my comparion in terms of the quality and eccentricity of the products, i would like to point out at the items sold at maad is more afforable and accessible (not as conceptual). i myself a pendant and chain from ling glass, a participating artist/designer at maad.

besides hosting maad, a recording studio, children’s programmes and f&b outlets, red dot traffic main stay is the red dot design museum which show cases award winning inventions and that of other competitors. most of the designs come under the category of ‘green’ i.e. environmentally friendly innovations. entry is free during maad, so do set aside a first weekend of the month to pop by to get inspired. it is also a good idea to cool down with a chiller from pacific coffee before exploring the surrounds of tanjong pagar.


serious shit!! how do you get to know about stuff like that??? goodness!! i have no more “first weekend of the month” to see things like that again!!! =(

steelwool says:

my circle of friends are into these kinda things, so i get to be in the loop =) i do wish that they could enjoy greater publicity. spread the word!

Hoosh! Rose St. Mkt looks so cool! Yeah i’m glad spore’s finally tried to start one up. But the selection is a bit meagre – not many quality participants 😦 human traffic and awareness is very low, despite efforts at promotion.

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