death by paper cut

{February 9, 2007}   docked!

i did not get myself any work out in the 3 weeks that i was in singapore, and being in the land of sumptuous food and great company, i didn’t bother with healthy food choices. but now that i’m back in melbourne, boot camp can resume. i hit the ground running the very next day upon touching down.

running has also never felt better with the spanking new 2nd generation shuffle that the geek gave me for as birthday present. he personalised it with my name laser-engraved on it as well.

like my previous shuffle, this one has a dedicated playlist of fast tempo songs for my runs. at the moment, i’ve filled with the new shuffle with 120 run-nable songs. i intend to get a music card and purchase others from itunes in their newly created nike sports category since i can do that in australia. (itunes store still isn’t avaliable in singapore)

i’ve also officially began my conditioning for the 15.2km run for the kids marathon in april. the route has changed slightly and has increased by a few more kilometres from last year. i’ll be quite happy if i can finish within the same time or less than the previous run. i’m quite optimistic to be able to complete the half-marathon in the next singapore standard chartered marathon that i can take part in.

*thanks again!*


karlmccracken says:

Hi –
I’ve been eying up the new shuffle since it was first announced. My only doubt is that I’ve never run with tunes – even just walking the tempo of whatever’s being played changes my stride. Do you find this is a problem or even a positive benefit?

steelwool says:

Hi Karlmccraken,
I am unable to motivate myself to run without music. Since I select fast tempo songs, my pace keeps up accordingly. I find this a positive benefit.

A benefit is positive. 😉

Happy you like it. Run!

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