death by paper cut

{February 10, 2007}   build, built, building

my home is under major renovation. i don’t mean my hdb flat, but my home country. at various places, there is lots of construction happening in singapore at the moment and will continue for a while.

the marina ir is scheduled for completion in 2009, the mrt circle line and the sentosa ir in 2010 and the sports hub by 2011. construction work hadn’t began in full swing when i left a year ago. in my recent trip back, while new buildings like vivocity and the national museum of singapore were completed, others were underway.

i have not decided if our endeavours are entirely good or bad, its usually a combination of both. whatever the case, it has been set in motion. i just hope that we don’t get lost in the frenzy of ‘progress’, ‘keeping competitive’, or whatever the current buzz word is.

the merlion witnessing the rise of the marina bay ir, the skyline will change yet again.

putting it together at the ura city gallery.

spot the new developments.


lux says:

it’s rather crazy huh? soon there may be no skyline in the spore river area, considering how these buildings may just obscure the entire sky… =)

steelwool says:

we all just gotta strain our necks and eyes to look aaaall the waaaay up.

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