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{February 15, 2007}   news flash

Children eat more in larger groups

Social arousal – noise and group activity – are the likely drivers for the higher consumption, say the authors, led by Dr Julie Lumeng of the university’s Centre for Human Growth and Development.

This implies that having a peaceful, structured environment for eating, with a small number of people at the table, can be a good way of encouraging children to eat sensibly.

excerpt from ST interactive by AFP (14 feb)

i don’t think that the phenomenon applies only to children. and i don’t think you need a university to endorse such an observation.

in the eco-social environment of most middle-income folks, it seems like having meals is no longer merely for sustenance and growth, but a tool for social interaction. all kinds of dates and appointments where conversation is the intention will more often then not revolve around a shared consumption of food.

sure you can create a peaceful structured environment for eating, just don’t be surprised that you might be labelled a loner. which is why frequent large social gatherings make it challenging for people to diet. not impossible though.


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