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{February 19, 2007}   Note to Herself

As part of International Women’s Day 2007 at QVWC, Note to Herself offers therapeutic relief to the creators of the postcards as well as exhibition goers as they see inside the headspace of those who may secretly struggle with the same issue. The Note to Herself Gallery at QV will also offer space for women to create their postcards anonymously and contribute to the exhibition. The growing exhibition will continuously expand as more postcards are received, with a view to touring the exhibition across the country. Take part in Note to Herself by creating a postcard and anonymously sharing that aspect of your life over which you want to take control, or by visiting the exhibition.

together with cw, i’ve been helping to prepare for the opening of Note to Herself by arranging the boxes which will frame the postcards in this interactive exhibition. like her, i thoroughly enjoyed the artistic aspect of this volunteer involvement while helping to bring this project to fruition.

these are some postcards that reflect the general vibe of the received contributions.

especially after viewing the postcards contributed by the (women) public at today’s soft launch, it dawned on me that women can almost be described as dysfunctional by an inescapable circumstance. the nature of Note to Herself runs parallel to the spirit of dove’s campaign for real beauty and nike’s icommunity / istory where the average everyday women is identified and then celebrated for who she is.

these projects also endeavor to empower the individual women by giving them a voice as well as a platform to articulate who they are, and not how media typically projects objectifies them. i think this is what women’s liberation really is. women’s liberation should not be narrowly defined as a phenomenon in the 60s or feminism in overdrive. it is because that for too long, expectations have been levied at women and limitations set for them that another loaded catch-phrase like ‘feminism’ does more harm than good.

i don’t mean to play victim here just because i am a women. perhaps you might think that the flip side might be women wallowing in self-pity or indulging in self-fulfilling prophecies. well that might be true for some, but i believe that the majority of women-kind do harbour some form of hurt.

do women hurt more than men? are men free from issues? no. but i’ll go out on a limb and hazard that women tend to be more self-sacrificial. they have a higher threshold of pain, and therefore allow for a lot more damage to be done to them. in fact these are strategies they adopt to protect those they are responsible for, how ironic that they should be called the weaker sex.

the core issue that surfaces when viewing the postcards from Note to Herself is one of insecurity and self-doubt. its no wonder that happens since women tend to give and conform for intangible ends.


Wow!! Impressive! I love the Postcards and the idea of putting them into boxes. Very Nice!

Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog too.. I love the postcards Especially the one that says “do not make up my mind for me”.

The boxes really look very Eye-catching and artistic.

Take care!

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