death by paper cut

{February 21, 2007}   bring it on

i’ve been keeping up with current affairs back home and i am irate that the sunny island is being picked on by her larger neighbours. indonesia bans sand export to singapore citing environmental concerns (pollution free country indeed) and thailand is using singapore as the whipping boy for its political turmoil, malaysia…well is malaysia.

previously highlighted in, this article from the economist says what others do not dare utter due to political correctness and sensitivity.

There is always a plausible-sounding reason for the fights that Singapore’s neighbours pick with it. The Singaporeans’ kiasu (win at all costs) negotiating style does them few favours in a region where saving face is important. But it is hard to avoid the suspicion that the little country’s unforgivable offence is being richer and more successful than its neighbours, and not particularly apologetic about it.

i’m standing by the little red dot. when push comes to shove, i’ve noticed that my peers too show a commendable level of resilience and optimism that we’ll pull through. we’re ready to get our hands dirty come hail or high waters. (the latter having a higher likelihood)


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