death by paper cut

{March 19, 2007}   you give emo a bad name

Emo fashion is characterised by teens wearing dark T-shirts, a little undersized or deliberately worn down to look old. Their choice of sneakers is Converse canvas shoes. Look closer and these might have words like ‘pain” scribbled in red ink or a drawing of a broken heart. But the defining trademark for emo kids has to be the heavily lined eyes and long fringed hair which covers half their face… Youth counsellors interviewed say they are worried that the fad, carried to extremes, can lead to self-mutilation or even suicidal thoughts. As it is, some emo teens have penned poems about suicide and death and slashing their wrists to ‘ease their pain”. The trend may be behind the increased incidence of teenagers injuring themselves.- except from the Straits Times “Parents, beware the emo kids,” by Sandra Davie

it is articles like these that fuel the paranoia of parents like my mom. emo fashion, as the writer defines it, has been around long before “emo” came into fashion. and i think it is unfair to hypothesize that looking emo might lead to the destructive tendencies of emo because by most accounts i can be considered emo; eye shadow, eye liner, dark clothing, mobid reveries, penchant for neil gaiman and tim burton, drawn to melancholy and channeling that into art.

in fact, i think its those who appear unsuspectingly “normal” that we should be weary about.

back to the paranoia of my mom; when she found out that i had my ears pierced in secondary school, she viewed it as a decline to decadence and sternly warned me, “you better not have sex eh!”

yes, beware all sorts of body piercing: might lead to delinquency and teenage pregnancy.



Pathos & Ethos… so cheem. =)

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