death by paper cut

{April 21, 2007}   ’twas a dreary day

the sky was overcast from noon, and continued to be so till dusk. in fact, it seems that the darkened sky beckoned the darkness to encroach sooner than usual.

just when it was drizzling however, i saw spotted a striking rainbow from the window of my bedroom that seemed to emerge from the-colourful-apartment-building-along-swanston.

dear all, in the gloomiest of times, when you can’t see the silver lining, remember that the beautiful, wonderous phenomenon of the rainbow can’t exist without some rain on your parade.

before dinner at bluefire, sm and i browsed through the arty, quirky and frivolous books at metropolis, curtin house. if you’re an arts-inclined bibliophile like myself, its hard to not bring something home from a bookshop like this. i succumbed.

the next best thing to snuggling in bed with a mug of hot chocolate on a dreary day like today, it to have a mug of hot chocolate at max brenner, which was what we did. yum.

its been a while since i’ve had the time and opportunity to laze the day away like this. it was good while it lasted. forging on now.

something good’s coming my way.


nette says:

i love these lazy days too…i hardly have time to laze these days, and am beginning to feel the strain. the rainbow looks almost unreal!

paperpen says:

it makes sense who went with who to where now. i thought it was a coincidence but nooo. hahah. it’s easy to track when both parties are such avid bloggers. heh. =P im making my way to curtinh ouse as soon as i can. aaaahhhhhhhhh.

steelwool says:

hahah yes! connect the dots of the blogosphere =) We need to pop by Metropolis one day!

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