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{April 28, 2007}   P!NK

i was such a groupie last night at the rod laver arena, grooving to pink with cw. actually, “grooving” is too mild a description. at times, the full house capacity crowd seemed like its hailing a revolution.

i would describe pink as anti-pop, pop. the dynamics of the crowd can attest to that. women, of course, outnumbered the men. the thing is, there weren’t many young teenage girls at all, i would estimate the average age of the audience to be 30 and above – which is great!

among all the female pop artists in the industry, pink stands out with a message in her work. message of femininity infused with spunk and boldness; message of ambition and drive; message of the lack of peace even in dear mr president.

coz i can – i don’t play your rules i make my own, tonight i’ll do what i want, cuz i can.

dear mr presidenthow can you say no child is left behind, we’re not dumb and we’re not blind.

stupid girls – i’m so glad that I’ll never fit in, that will never be me, outcasts and girls with ambition, that’s what I wanna see.

unlike the many manufactured pop stars filling the transient billboard charts, pink has an agenda which she once aired on an episode on oprah about ‘stupid girls‘. and because she really practices what she preaches – inner beauty – the tabloids have no hold on her. pink is glam in her most unglamourous just-woke-up look which she often struts around in.

besides her very positive and empowering assertions, pink’s concert brilliantly delivered. the audience paid good money and expected to be entertained. even so, i felt quite touch that pink, although can be elevated to the diva pedestal, put in an incredible amount of effort in her show – think singing cirque du soleil.

pink had a sell-out concert, because she didn’t sell out.

more on pink’s bio


paperpen says:

only one [repeated] word: yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!!
her message is as simple as women not having to be dumb/ self-degrading/ self-destructive to be sexy/ attractive. i find it as THE much needed punchline amongst all the tabloids and celebrity drama.

p/s: in the meantime i’m off to search youtube on that interview w/ oprah. wheeee.

Elyssa says:

if you go to and search for Pink the article should come up. well at least in Australia it does, however, you dont get the actual interview just a few quotes from it. i am currently completing a uni (college) assignment on examining symbols in music videos. i have chosen to look at pinks stupid girls video and examine the symbols for that. if you have any suggestions that would be awesome. hope your having an awesome day and P!NK rocks

yesyes i listen to her songs all the time! she’s just too brave. my utmost respect!!

i love conversations with my 13-year-old self…. tingles my heart all the time.

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