death by paper cut

{May 2, 2007}   a cathartic lecture

if i hadn’t chocked it back, i would have been moved to tears at a lecture this morning. i do mean it quite literally. the content and delivery of the interesting narrative of the life of olauday equiano and the context of the african slave trade till the 19th century framed as a holocaust of 10-12 million africans is truly horrific.

not horrific in a way of a sensational tabloid that could cause a conversation to turn serious and then move on to chirpier matters. but horrific in a powerful way that can evoke a catharsis within humanity, or within me.

the cliche musing goes on, “did life really become better for mankind with ‘progress’ as we know it?”

as a woman, given the rights to higher education, independence, freedom of choice or even the right to own her own person i would resoundingly say ‘yes’. just a few generations ago, these things that we take for granted for now are unheard of.

what we have access to today is the result of the relentless fervor of individuals who devoted their lives to a greater cause.


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