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{May 3, 2007}   Do Singaporeans Dream of Electric Sheep?

first highlighted in, i came across a finding conducted by researches revealing that the striding pace of singaporeans rank tops in comparison to other major cities in the world; beating new york at 8th, london at 12th and japan at 19th.

“This simple measurement provides a significant insight into the physical and social health of a city. The pace of life in our major cities is now much quicker than before. This increase in speed will affect more people than ever, because for the first time in history the majority of the world’s population are now living in urban center,” Wiseman said.

in philip k. dick’s science fiction novel, do andriods dream of electric sheep?, people of the future are streamlined into travelators programmed at different speeds for faster commuting. not that motorised vehicles weren’t use anymore, they were, in fact faster, sleeker and more efficient.

as ‘urban entertainment’, the protagonist and his childhood friends would jump from one travelator to the next as a form of extreme sports. people who miss their landing can actually fall off or get jammed between travelators and meet their demise.

come to think of it, douby ghaut mrt station does seem like such a prototype, equipped with extended and fast escalators and travelators for similar objectives.


paperpen says:

i oh loathe dhoby ghaut mrt. it’s a chaos and literally a challenge to get yourself from the mrt to the lrt, vice versa. i sound like a bimbo don’t i? it’s the numerous sets of stairs and escalators… i ever got lost in that underground system before. =X

steelwool says:

well it is more complicated than most other mrt stations in singapore. but, its by far still not the labyrinth of london’s tube or even sydney’s city rail.

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