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{May 25, 2007}   water spout in singapore

SINGAPORE: A water spout has been spotted from the eastern parts of Singapore.Most callers to the MediaCorp News Hotline reported seeing what looked like a tornado or a twister over the sea. Most said they saw the phenomenon at about 2.30pm and that the phenomenon lasted about 15 minutes. Witnesses said it was moving in a circular motion. The water spout could be seen in several areas including Chai Chee, East Coast Park, Suntec City and Potong Pasir. CNA

“a waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water and is connected to a cumuliform cloud. in the common form, it is a nonsupercell tornado over water, and brings the water upward. also, it is weaker than most of its land counterparts.” although the CNA article says that such sightings are not uncommon in Singapore, i think neither has it been so “scenically” positioned off the coast.

a friend of mine witnessed it from her office unit in suntec. the photos are taken from a colleage of hers. what i would like to know are accounts of those in the ships just off the water spout. since there are no casualties reported, i assume there arn’t any.

more pictures of the water spout that occured today


OMG!!!! so scaryyy!!!!! singapore is already so tiny…i hope a tornado will not happen *pray hard*

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