death by paper cut

{July 16, 2007}   melbourne retrospective

i like being prepared and organised, to an obsessive extent. this tendency is exhibited from the here and now (folding plastic bags and storing them according to their sizes, arranging my books according to height) to tying up loose ends in preparation of my closure in melbourne (saying my goodbyes 3 months in advance, setting aside stuff to be shipped back).

i foresee the coming semester to come and go in a flash. once the deadlines start pouring in, it will be increasing difficult for friends to take time out to come out. how about myself? nah, i’m hardly ever too busy to drop what i’m occupied with and indulge in something else.

therefore this is a good time as any to do a melbourne retrospective.

i will miss the side walk cafes, the proximity of my living quarters to … everything, the many free weekend festivals, the international events like the commonwealth games,  walks along the yarra river, the supermarkets that close at midnight, the weather (except for january), the sporting culture, the city and inner city suburbs that are suffused with the bohemian and the arts, my gorgeous apartment, the university of melbourne, the gym at uni, my classes (really, i enjoy my assignments), the near and further national parks in victoria, the clear blue skies, the way people find the occasion to celebrate anything and everything, the food, the fresh food market across where i live, the nearby lygon street that will always have some cafes open till late, the splendid coffee, and mostly the time people set aside to enjoy their splendid cup of coffee.

being in a different environment (from singapore) heightens my awareness of my surroundings and sharpens my instinct of a good photo opportunity. being keenly trigger happy, i’ve stored up close to 10,600 photos on my flickr site. i would think that half of all that was taken in the past year and a half. however, together with the exponential increase in the quantity of shots taken is also the increase of their quality.the opportunity for a good shot to come by in melbourne isn’t far and few between, but i have to qualify that it might be also because i can afford to set aside the time to seek out locations and events to immerse myself in the occasion indulgently.

this quest extents beyond the boundaries of victoria. in the past 18 months, i’ve also managed to visit (in the following order) tasmania, gold coast, brisbane, canberra, sydney, cairns, adelaide, alice springs, and the many national parks around the capital cities. having visited perth on previous holidays, i’ve effectively been to all the states/territories of australia. therefore, having to return soon after the coming semester concludes and forfeiting the next summer break isn’t a pity at all.

although in another continent, home, as i define it, never felt far. firstly because the vibe of melbourne complements my interests and inclinations superbly and therefore i fitted in easily like a fish takes to water and secondly, the connection with those i bother about never waned, in fact, many of whom made trips to visit.

i’ve made some incredible friends here. its been an incredible journey and i have had the incredible experiences and photographs to show for it.


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