death by paper cut

{July 23, 2007}   audio input

i created a multiply account a while ago but didn’t have much use for it since i already have this regular blog and a pro flickr account. sometime last week, i dawned on me that i could harness the capability of multiply to host and share audio files and in particular tunes that i run to.

nike made a brilliant marketing maneuver to tie up their running apparel with the music industry’s most fashionable mp3 player. even before nike+ and the accompanying sport imix (incorporated with itunes store) was launched, music has always been popular with running enthusiasts. well a big boo! to itunes for being unavailable in singapore.

in any case, i’ve complied an accessible list of running tracks for sharing. please do notify me of your favorite fast tempo, runnable tunes as well.

a further impetus for dedicating a section of my side bar to running is the realization that even with a considerable amount of (quarter) marathon participation i’ve not progressed very much in terms of personal best, in its various aspects.

so with the 2 upcoming (quarter) marathons that i will be taking part before the end of the year, i’ll be making a conscious effort not to simply breeze past the distance, but to make every stride count.


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