death by paper cut

{July 25, 2007}   released

SOFIA, Bulgaria: After more than eight years in a Libyan prison, convicted of deliberately infecting children with the virus that causes AIDS, five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor stepped off a French presidential plane to freedom here on Tuesday. The charge had been widely dismissed abroad as absurd. The Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi, had accused the six medical workers, who were said to have been tortured, of acting on the orders of American and Israeli intelligence agencies to destabilize the Libyan state.Their liberation, through French intervention and payments of hundreds of millions of dollars in total to the families of the infected children, brings to an end a bizarre and tortuous episode that opens the way for Libya to improved political ties and lucrative trade deals with Europe.


i have been following this case for about 2 years now. i am seriously happy that the 6 medical personnel have been released. although human rights activities are scorning the fact that the french government gave in to the “ransomed for $400 million” in exchange for their release, i think this is not the time to be critical about the methods involved.

can you really put a price on a life? i guess not, but that’s besides the point. the point is, that even in this day and age of sensationalism, cynicism, apathy and seared sentiments – at their own expanse – a body of people can be so concerned for another ‘foreign’ body of people to go to all ends to secure their freedom and reinstate their decency.

that’s something worth being human for.


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