death by paper cut

{July 26, 2007}   fact is stranger than fiction

Paul Barry has re-released his bestselling biography The Rise and Rise of Kerry Packer, controversially including in it the sad story of one of Packer’s mistresses, which on legal advice had been withheld from the original 1993 edition… Barry writes that mistresses have long been commonplace in the Packer family and expresses sympathy for Ros Packer, who endured verbal tirades as well as her husband’s philandering.

“There will be only one Mrs Packer,” she would tell her confidantes, however.

Kerry Packer’s father, Sir Frank Packer, who founded Women’s Weekly and made Sydney’s Daily Telegraph a populist and influential newspaper, was “notorious for his womanising and whoring”.

The Age

This is so Ugly Betty, especially in the episode where claire meades (wife of founder of meade publications) tells off wilhelmina slater (hopeful editor-in-chief for mode magazine and mistress of bradford meade) that he only has one wife.


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