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{September 8, 2007}   wilsons prom whirlwind week

within the last 7 days, i’ve spent a weekend at wilsons prom, i completed a 2000 word essay, another 1000 word essay, gave a 30 minute presentation, met up with relatives from perth, and celebrated a belated birthday with a cousin at grossi florentino and found time to sleep very early each night. contrary to popular practices, the busier i am, the more i sleep (all the better to recharge with).

so all in all it was a very productive and satisfying week. its only now that i have the time to unwind for a bit and blog about the prom.

the wilsons prom trip that i went on was organized by ISOP. i had previously went on the trip to tasmania with them last winter too. i highly recommend ISOP programmes to all students of melbourne university. they travel in small groups and walk alot (alot!) as they comb the national parks. the programmes are non-profit and the guides are staff of the education faculty who exude deep passion for the great outdoors and the sharing of experiences.

wilsons prom is about 4 hours drive away from melbourne, so considering that we were there for a only a weekend, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend. however, we made full use of time we had there and covered 3 major walks – vereker (6km return), mt oberon (7km return) and lilly pilly gully nature walk (7.2km return) – and 2 beaches, squeaky beach and whiskey beach.

since lookout point are mostly at the peak of the mountain tops, the walks involve a lot of ascension, sometimes rather steep ones, but it was all worth it. for example, the climb to the summit of mt oberson involves 3.5km of continuous uphill as we spiraled around the mountain. to catch the morning sunrise, we started that climb at 5 in the morning and got there by 6am just in time for the break of dawn a little past 6.

sunrise view from the summit of mt oberon

sea-ward view from the summit of mt oberon

the other lookout that i highly recommend is mt bishop which is an extension along the lilly pilly gully nature walk. continue walking after you pass a large rock platform and you’ll be greeted with the ariel view of the bays.

after oohing and ahhing at the highs of wilsons prom, we went to the lows at the beaches to muck around. squeaky beach is one of the most well-known beaches at the prom. because of the perfect roundness of the grains of sand, the sand at squeaky beach ‘squeak’ under the compression of your weight rather than crunch like at most other beaches. what impressed me most was not the sand however, but the multiple fold of waves that keep crashing atop of each other.

squeaky beach

a more subdued whiskey bay

one of the good things about camping outdoors in victoria (not sure about the other states) is the provision of adequate amenities like proper shower facilities (hot running water on tap) and the button operated (free of charge) bbq pits which are widely available at the open campsites – tidal river in this case.

the bbq pits just need to be reactivated every 10 minutes or so. the participants of the trip therefore made our own dinner with the bbq pits and the stoves provided by ISOP; supplies were purchased by individuals enroute wilsons prom. ISOP usually doesn’t provide any food or refreshments. the overnighter was spent in tents (provided by ISOP). you can either view this arrangement as spartan or frills free authenticity. i liked it, its so kathmandu. heh!

link to park notes.

more pictures of wilsons prom.


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