death by paper cut

{September 21, 2007}   family fuzz

i don’t think that moms actually “know” best because opinions are conditioned by well, changing conditions. but what says constant is the intuition that moms have with regards to their daughters’ needs and wants.

my mom provided for me in the most natural ways without me having to ask or point out a need. she brought me snow skin moon cakes because she knew that i didn’t like the baked crusty kind and altered my new pair of pants one inch shorter (the appropriate length) while i showered.

showing understanding, love and concern by simply providing a certain food transcends all cultures. (reminds me of a scene in ratatouille) it takes conscientiousness and care to notice the subtle and sometimes not so subtle preference for one’s taste in food. perhaps that’s why food and family come so naturally together.

on the note of family fuzziness, some thoughts dawned on me today.

– no matter how grown up we get, parents have a way of cutting us down to size and stature of toddling 5 year olds.

– when a child does something wrong, the parent feels more of a failure than the child can ever feel.


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