death by paper cut

{October 5, 2007}   An old man: a description

Smoke hung around him as if he was slowly combusting. But even the smoke could not disguise the smell of something bad; something that had gone off, some dead and inadequately buried thing.

‘I een etrayed,’ he kept repeating. ‘Tricked eye an old cheater. Deserted eye a ruther.’

He turned to Ernest, took a halting step, his outstretched hand quivering with the effect of that footfall.’ And now I rely on a coufle o gins to dress ee each day.’ He laughed, blasting stale air into Ern’s face. The old man’s whiskers fluttered across the hole of his mouth like a curtain. There was no upper lip, and yellow teeth hid behind a damp curtain of whiskers.

Scott, Kim. Benang. China: Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1999, 55 – 56


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