death by paper cut

{October 6, 2007}   melbourne marathon

its finally here! i’ve never been this hyped up for a run, and it isn’t even a longer distance than my usual.

but i doubt i’ll ever get to run in such perfect climate and along such a lovely route again. tomorrow is forecasted to be “fine,” i.e clear blue skies and at a maximum of 17 degree celcius in low humidity.

i made a trip to the MCG (national stadium) to get myself the marathon shirts. marathon organizers in melbourne tend not to include the running singlets with the registration fee. and since i’m such a sucker for event merchandise, i had to get them. and i figured that since i’m not bringing anything to the run (venue is walking distance from home) and i don’t want to jostle with the incredibly long queue tomorrow, i should get them today and take some photos too.

the running singlet

the finish line

i haven’t been training particularly hard for this run; i’ll take it as a trial for the stand chart in december. that should round up my running year.

some other pics.


lonerunner says:

nice race singlets and tshirt!

steelwool says:

yes they are! cut for the arm holes are a bit too snug though, but its supposed to be the “UV Cut”.

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