death by paper cut

{October 6, 2007}   out of range

you are not born with freedom, but with expectations. which means that you are given limited choices, or rather, you can choose among what is has been screened, cut down, and deemed appropriate, “for your own good.”

“but what if your treasure lies out of range?”

to have to live up to expectations means that you will be measured, and if you fail, the penalty is that you will be found wanting.

simply do not accept what is thrust upon you? simply etch your own destiny? simply not so simple. this is because expectations have a way of entering your pores, penetrating your sinews and internalizing your id, ego and super ego to the point where a disappointed sullen look, a corrugated frown breaks your heart, makes you doubt yourself and strips you of your confidence.

i’m so sorry, but i will have to break your heart for me not to break mine.


oi, why are you so rationally emo?

hehe. will talk to you.

steelwool says:

rationally emo? isn’t that an oxymoron?

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