death by paper cut

{October 8, 2007}   parchment

periodically, i still write letters to friends overseas. and now that i’m outstationed, virtually everyone is overseas. but today was a bumper edition, i wrote to friends in the uk, north america, back home and locally across the street – nine letters in all. so its a pretty high chance that you might soon receive a pretty little handwritten gem especially if you think i have your address.

why take the time write and then wait a few days for it to be delivered or flown across the continents when messages can be sent and received instantaneously? i have previously mused about letters but i have something to add to that because its a different context this time.

for one thing, i was penning closure letters to people that i might not see for a long time and to others that i am about to continue where i left off a few years ago. yet to some others, they’ve left the home world indefinitely so it will be nice for them receive something in the mail like a little present in itself.

i subscribe to the idea that hand written letters will outlast emails because i trust the usual recipients to keep them a little dearer than they could have in an email folder. also in reading my letters, the recipients cannot lump them with other random stuff “starred” (as with gmail or the equivalent).

i still prefer pigments to pixels and it allows me to utilize my much loved collection of stationery. all the more reason to scout around stationery stores, eye-candy i tell you.

and knowing that i still possess the propensity to keep on writing letters, i somehow reserve the most sacred and most mulled over content for the paper and pen, or my large variation of styluses. there is also an artistry in writing itself, i believe there is no such thing as a good or bad handwriting, just variations of personality. think of it as voice recognition for handwriting.

also, when i send letters, i tend to throw in other goodies too. what’s there not to love about writing?


you can write to me when you’re back in sg. pls throw in some goodies too ok? LOL!

steelwool says:

heh! i sure will!

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