death by paper cut

{October 8, 2007}   race day!

it was a no sweat run. no sweat not because i came in first and breezed through the competition, but because the weather was so cool and humidity so low that i pretty much remained dry throughout the run. and this will probably be my first and last run sustaining without a water stop over 10km.

the turn out was great and the atmosphere was celebratory too.

my only grouse was that there wasn’t enough “breaking distance” after the finishing line. runners expectantly slowed and or stopped after passing through the finish gantry which resulted in something of a jam of sweaty bodies as they slowly made their way out according to the direction of the marshals.

my first one or two kilometres are always the hardest, most inertia. after that, it was cruise control all the way. i think i clocked my personal best time and was only 1 minute shy of my target.

dl and i manged to find each other in the massive crowds and settled for caffe panette at south melbourne for a well deserved refreshment.

next up: singapore marathon; i had better acclimatize – no 17 degree day back home.


 other pics


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