death by paper cut

{October 15, 2007}   time portal

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia” – Charles Schultz

time zones still baffle and amaze me. they can be so arbitrary yet profound. because of time zones, i lost christmas of 2003 flying back from canada. i left on the 24th and returned to singapore on the 26th. that was eerie weird.

chatting with friends overseas in places with a difference of 14 hours makes me feel like i’m chatting through a time portal. i’m always a head by a day, like i’m in the future and talking to the past in which my friend will never catch up.

if our timing is determined by day and night hours which is depended on the revolution of the earth (except in china), imagine the disparity in the chasm in time if the earth was say, 3 times larger, assuming that the planet revolves on its axis at the same speed.


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