death by paper cut

{October 30, 2007}   the exotic other

you knew you had no business interfering with those people. But you just couldn’t let it alone. You thought you were doing the right thing. I might agree if this was Florida or Singapore, but its not is it? We’re in deep space and a person is dead, a person who would still be alive if we hadn’t made first contact.

in reprimanding chief engineer trip, captain jonathan archer made a reference to singapore at the 39th minute and 12th second of episode cogenitor; star trek season 2.

the context of the tirade was that trip, albeit with good intentions, interfered with the mores of another culture by advocation that “human rights” be applied to all individuals of that culture. the result was that trip showed this individual, this cogenitor all the possibilities that it cannot attain being a 2nd class citizen of sorts and as a result it committed suicide out of depression and desperation.

what’s up with tinseltown’s obsession with name dropping singapore? while chow yan fatt welcomes the pirates to an antiquated (fantastical) version of singapore in at world’s end, we’re being mentioned again in the futuristic setting of deep space.

are we really so fascinating? why not some other tropical island state flung around the equator?

it was at another tropical environment – carins, north queensland that i encountered the ultimate manifestation of racist stereotype which i felt like razing to the ground.

funny thing that the shop wasn’t managed by anyone remotely asian, nor did it sell anything to do with singapore.


adrian says:

plus i like how they put the small-eyed chinese man wearing the robes and hat on the board.

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