death by paper cut

{October 31, 2007}   good eats

where high quality fresh foods are widely available in melbourne, gourmet cooking can be as easy as this:

antipasto (from farmer’s market) + fresh pasta (from prahran market) =

antipasto pasta

i’m not very big on cooking especially since the success rate seems to be dismally low whenever i try it. however in recent times, i’ve been fortunate to have friends living in my vicinity who are avid and passionate cooks. this means that firstly, i get invited over rather often to partake in their sumptuous creations and secondly, i get to learn the tricks of the trade at first hand.

the documentary process of such observations have resulted in a recent proliferation in posts in my cooking blog, kwokwok. among which are –

apple crumble




the pixar production by the same name was of course the impetus for trying out the labor intensive last dish.


your pasta looks yummy!!

paperpen says:

i waaaaannnnnttttttt…. *drools* oh man.=X

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