death by paper cut

{November 3, 2007}   oops, we booboo.

Speaking at Nan Hua Primary after a school visit, Minister of State for Education Lui Tuck Yew reiterated the importance of allowing gifted students “a chance to mix with a broader spectrum of people. It is helpful for them in their all-round development … to learn and understand some of the difficulties and challenges other students may face, as well as to find ways in which they can learn from these students”.

full article on TODAY

yes, what a big risk the folk at the organisation are taking! if the gifted get contaminated by the phlebian, then lose their brilliance, then how? but that is the chance the organisation will have to take, because after all such a Can-Reintegrate-After-Parting (CRAP) programme might help the all-rounded students be even more all-rounded.

yes, let’s learn about the challenges these “other students” face that the gifted might otherwise be always oblivious to. now that the gifted are aware that they are indeed gifted, and have run out of new things to learn because they are so gifted, they can learn from the non-giftedness of the “other students” and value-add their giftedness some more!

if the programme was a failure in not fulfilling long term objectives and therefore needs to be scraped, just say so.


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