death by paper cut

{November 6, 2007}   it is done!

my long awaited final essay question to conclude my undergraduate studies hobby at the university of melbourne has finally been released…. and completed within 24 hours.

i felt that i was literally dragging my feet or fingers in this case to complete the essay. pounding pavement was kinda like pounding keyboard: i steadily passed each hundred word milestone like crossing road markers in a marathon. and in due time saw the finishing line. and crossed it.

the crowd goes wild, cheers and claps. but the chariots of fire theme song playing in my head mutes their applause and slow-mos the action according to the measured beat.

another sporting analogy: you know how a football player who scored a goal for his team yanks his sweaty jersey over his head, lifts his hands in the air and runs a mock like a headless chicken?

well, i’m not about to lift my shirt ala girls gone wild, but you get the picture.

now get that picture of your head.

the journey was great while it lasted, but i don’t think i am looking forward to generating another essay anytime soon. in fact, i’m so fatigued by rigorous academic discipline that i might want to drop the idea of pursuing a master programme entirely.

for now, it is done! and i’m savoring every moment of freedom henceforth.


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