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{November 13, 2007}   7 year old child prodigy in Singapore

ainan celeste cawley was brought up for discussion on class 95 at the morning express programme. (one of the few things i missed when i was away.) ainan sat and passed the GEC chemistry ‘O’ Level exam in January. he also displayed his genius by teaching a chemistry lesson at bukit timah primary school last november.

but above all, i was most awed by this account.

At one year of age, he held a very remarkable conversation in which he gave us an account of his own birth, as witnessed by someone whose perspective was from inside the womb. This was undoubtedly a genuine memory since we had never told him how he had come into the world: he was answering from his own memory of the birth experience. His memory remains uncannily retentive.

full article on PR Web


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