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{November 22, 2007}   Orchard Christmas Light Up

i think no level of crass commercialism or materialism will change what christmas means or does not mean to you, so since the eye candy of the annual orchard road christmas light up is already there, why not just take it in as part of the festivities.this evening, my sis and i took my niece to have a little fun gazing at the glitz of the light up. it also gave me the change to whip out my new camera and put it into some action.

being mid-week wednesday, not yet peaking at pre-christmas frenzy and the asean summit warding everyone off the city, orchard road wasn’t unbearably crowded as how i can only imagine the weekend could look.

while the theme of this year’s deco is a fairy tale christmas, each mall interprets it a little different and does try to show some creativity in decking its halls. i like tangs’ ‘christmas story’ best. there is a slide show facing the lucky plaza side that tells the biblical christmas story with grim brothers-like silhouette images. check out its take on the annunciation.

besides taking photos of the usual bright shinny blings, i also tried to look for more interesting angles. few things in singapore ever stand still, people are always in a hurry to get from one place to another and even the backdrop (read: entire buildings) changes faster than you can say, ‘what used to be there?’ this was the sense i gathered from pausing in my tracks to steady my hands for a decent shot, and this was the decent shot i got from rushing a little less.

i also quite like these two

more pics here.


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