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{November 26, 2007}   park connectors

the excitement of finding a new running route comes with settling into a new place, and to my delight, i now live next to the ulu pandan park connector!


view from my bedroom window.

this is what nparks says about park connectors: “the Park Connector Network is an island-wide network of linear open spaces that link up major parks, nature sites and housing estates in Singapore. When the entire network is completed, it will form a green network, spanning over 300 km across the whole island, making it convenient to travel from park to park. The park connectors vary in length, ranging from about 2 km to 10 km, making them ideal for those who like to take short walks to exercise, as well as to cater to cyclists who prefer longer distances. They are usually found alongside the many rivers and canals that flow through the island and are often used as convenient shortcuts to housing estates, MRT stations, and schools.”at the moment, only half of the progress plan is available to the public. that’s fine with me for now because i have access to about 9km of running track (toh guan – clementi road return).

the stretch from toh guan to the ayer rajar expressway (aye) is 4km return (excluding some traffic to overcome). technically you are supposed to return because the park connector ends there. but you can actually cross over to the 2nd leg of the ulu pandan park connector by walking on the abandoned railway track that spans only 20 metres or so.

from there, the aye to clementi stretch of the ulu pandan park connector is 4.6 km return. this leg is more pleasant to run in because there is more shade provided by the trees by the side of the path, also it is more residential as compared to the harshly industrial part of toh guan road. the tangible presence of other runners also adds to the community feel of the park connector. on both legs, fitness stations and shelters can be found every kilometre or so.

more pictures.


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