death by paper cut

{December 4, 2007}   singapore marathon 2007

sunday morning was a good day for the singapore marathon. it was breezy all morning and didn’t heat up too much till after 9am. i was about done by then anyway.

i kept a moderate pace throughout the run and sped up during the last 2km, arriving in good shape i.e. not out of breath or exhausted. ironically for me, the most tiring things about doing these organised runs is not the run itself, but the waking up early to wait at the start line for flag off. coincidentally, i met the geek’s mom at the start line and waited with her for flag off! it was her very first 10km run.

according to the results analysis, i improved my timing by 30 seconds from the previous singaapore marathon in 2005. incredible how i managed to shave off 10 minutes at the melbourne marathon (10km also). i suppose the 17 degree day during the melbourne marathon played a significant part in performance.

interesting observations at the run. a couple was donned in a sporty bridal outfit; the girl was in white, t-shirt and tennis skirt with a bridal veil flowing from her head, the guy was in wearing a shirt with an image of a tux printed on it. a man with one leg and crutches walked the entire 10km route. a woman with the adidas inspiration bib read, “i beat breast cancer to do this run.” and a friend of mine saw a man come in the finish with a plate of uneaten chicken rice in his hand.

with the conclusion of this race, i met my target marathon mileage this year. will start looking for other runs 2008 will offer.


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