death by paper cut

{December 31, 2007}   31st Dec

(SOH – Sydney Opera House)

this time last year, i was the midst of my 9 hour wait for the infamous fireworks display at sydney harbour bridge. after which, i was forever done with crowds and countdowns, since i’ve attended the mother of all crowds and countdowns, and fireworks display.

this year, i might be in bed before midnight being the party pooper that i am. while others can take off in this lull period before the new year, it is the most hectic time for people in my profession. i’ve been at work since boxing day and the intensity doesn’t let up. but i have to qualify, i am quite excited about the new work year. i’m in charge of areas that are aligned with my personal interests and the office dynamics in the new work place seems quite promising.

today i officially end my no pay leave and cease to be enrolled as a student at melb uni. after the new year public holiday, i’ll start earning my keep.

for now, i have to conclude my 2-year holiday and count down to the geek’s return at midnight.


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