death by paper cut

{January 5, 2008}   the teacher with no VPL (thanks to bonds)

its only a 3 day week with no lessons and i’m so tired already. i’m progressively starting to get used to waking up at 5.40am each morning, but it also means that i need to be in bed by 10.30pm in order to be well rested. fortunately, my colleagues and i have quickly banded together to form a cab pool that would cost us $2 per pax for the taxi ride and also cutting down my travel time from 45mins (via convoluted public transport) to 10mins.

most of my time is spent brainstorming how best to deliver the history and literature lessons. its a personal agenda too because i thoroughly loved my school lessons in those areas from secondary sch all the way past jc, nie and melb uni and it would be most unfortunate if i cannot infect the kids with my enthusiasm and interest in these fields of study, or worse, ruin their experience with humanities and give literature & hist a bad name.

my colleagues are a great bunch, the work environment is motivating, researching for materials is personally enriching and most of all the geek has been really supportive – its a flying start to the new year.

here’s what i learnt in school in the past 3 days:

teachers need 36 hours a day.

teachers are social workers in disguise. (90% life coach, 10% tutor)


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