death by paper cut

{January 18, 2008}   see me!

lunch breaks are passe, we take dinner breaks now. when dt and i returned from dinner break at 7pm, the staffroom looked exactly like how we saw it at 7am just 12 hours earlier; dusky, a few others at their desk, lull before the storm anticipation. it was freaky weird.

and i’ve found a new job hazard beside papercuts. staplet (stapler ammunition) somehow found its way into bra cup. no one was hurt in the process though.


csw says:

omg how did the staplet get into the bra cup? it’s funny in almost an un-funny way, though. i’ve got all sorts of things making their way to beneath the shirt as well, don’t worry. =P

steelwool says:

Heh, the other common occurrence would be popcorn!

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