death by paper cut

{January 27, 2008}   reset

its been a roller coaster ride since the start of the year, and it doesn’t seem to let up any time soon. without the pillars of support in my life, i would have already crumbled.

i need time off and to just try to arrive at a healthy equilibrium. its very unhealthy right now.

so, you wouldn’t be hearing from me anytime soon. i’m going underground, leaving you with this.

‘What makes a good teacher?’ – Creative subversion’

Professor Debra Myhill, from Exeter University, took a similar line. She argued that while good subject knowledge and intellectual ability were both important, they were not “sufficient” to be a good teacher.

The crucial ingredient, she argued, was a teacher’s ability to reflect on his or her own performance and then to change it.

She too argued for a healthy scepticism towards national policy initiatives.

Indeed she advocated that a good teacher should go in for “creative subversion”.

By this, she meant that teachers should neither passively comply with government initiatives, nor should they point blank refuse to implement them.

Instead they should “adapt them creatively”.

BBC News 


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