death by paper cut

{February 6, 2008}   frills or no frills

serial numbered dollar notes,

crisp, untouched, fresh smelling,

rustles like dried leaves

gathered by the sweeper.

reunion dinner is never a grand affair at my place. the people involved are the same ones i see all the time. the uncles that are supposed to turn up with their nuclear family in keeping with traditions don’t ever show. just as well, less pretense to maintain.

my sister who in keeping with tradition, supposed to have married out and belong to her in-laws is will be organising reunion dinner tonight. instead of doing the usual steamboat, we’ll be collecting our pre-ordered 8 course dinner from sterling road.

and since we’re all gathered, we’ll may as well make a mention of my coming birthday and consider that having been celebrated.



nette says:

Hey wynn. Sorry i was not able to meet u before u started work. been meaning to get in touch with u after things settled down for me. My family was busy settling my mom’s health issues, I was off for two weeks to Thailand in Dec on a mission trip, there were the usual Christmas/New Year hard work in organising activities, I just moved over to a new department at work 2 weeks back and am learning an entirely new coverage from scratch, a ginormous amount of admin work to co-ordinate wrt church ministry, etc etc. And now CNY… another crazy time period whereby the usual visiting obligations are discharged. I’m sure u have been real busy too. Hey when u are free, text me so we can meet up? I lost ur number, left my mobile phone behind in a cab in Thailand. Happy chinese new year babe.

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