death by paper cut

{February 18, 2008}   Dempsey

i’ve always heard about how nicely revamped dempsey is, but i’ve never gotten around to checking that place out until recently. probably also because its not the most accessible place without a car, but hey, i’ve managed to troop up to the dandenong ranges twice with scarce public transport, so what’s dempsey?

i’m going to assume that most people who tell me about dempsey would have checked it out at night when the pubbing scence comes into full swing. al and i checked out dempsey for an afternoon cuppa after b & v’s wedding on saturday, and were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in a place to unlike the rest of town i.e malls, busy road, high rises, groups of teenagers and generic retail chains. almost like melbourne, but not really either.

in the day time, dempsey takes on a relaxed kicked-back disposition that caters to both young families and yuppies. al and i settled for CA;  a cafe that is integrated with the ben & jerry’s franchise for cake and coffee. and cake and coffee we had.  

more pictures here.


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