death by paper cut

{February 25, 2008}   fab feb

feb is my fav month of the year because it goes by so fast and also because my birthday falls in this fabulous month.

i received well wishes all around, near and especially far; a trunk call from canada, smses  from australia and pampering treats from the geek.

this goes out to cw who wants some visuals of my presents from the geek. the only visual that i can provide however, is the absolute sandman vol. 1 omnibus, in a chic enviro-bag no less. the other consumables include a sumptuous sunday german buffet brunch at paulaner brauhaus and a 2 year renewal of my flickr pro account.

using my birthday as the opportune occasion, i (finally) got myself an ipod and an SD Plus.

here’s us mucking around with his new toys; the Sony DSC-T200 and macro ring light HVL-RLS. “i see you watching me watching you…”



ser says:

hahahah!!! “i see you watching me watching you” reminds me of “i see you see i see you” – a vulgarity. hahahah

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