death by paper cut

{April 26, 2008}   getting my life back

the number of completed tasks shot down one at a time does not neutralize the onslaught of work that buries you under a helping heap. as such, i’ve lost count of the number of times i involuntarily broke down under the weight of the work load in the middle of a conversation, or upon meeting the geek or, just before i hit the sack. the confession of vulnerability are also moments of relief however.

its been a whirlwind ride since i returned to work at the beginning of the year. its been really hard to hive time off after trying to get on top of work and spending time with those who matter. the past few weekends were also taken up by work commitments; leaving me already drained at the start of a new week.

considering that the default time that my alarm rings is 5.30am, its rare to be able to wake at 8.30am in the mornings and just savor the opportunity to laze for a moment. yes, waking at 8.30am is already sleeping in.

with the mid year exams approaching, things are winding down for the moment. (ironic reversal of reality).

hopefully, i’m not speaking too soon when i say, ‘its me time.’

Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done.
– Aaron Burr, US conspirator & politician (1756 – 1836)

quote taken of a friend’s post. vist to view other quotes to get by.


nette says:

hang on babe… just a little more till you get some “me time”.

steelwool says:

Thanks nette. So when will be our “we time”? =)

Velle says:

Hey there… hope things get better. Sounds completely like they’re working you too hard! *shake fist at MOE* Endure, chickie. God doesn’t push as beyond what he hasn’t equipped us to handle. Even though it never feels like it, when you’re right in the middle.

nette says:

hey! Oh i didn’t even know you have been replying my comments on your blog, cos the email add I gave is an alternative one which i seldom check.

Anyway, let’s meet up in June when you are less busy? I am ok to meet up in May too. Let me know what works for you babe.

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