death by paper cut

{May 11, 2008}   geeked

the very slow M1 – it (sucks) everywhereMobile Broadband, is truly teaching me virtues like patience in this instantaneous world of ours, the essence of zen if you like. Oom…

I’m so zenned now that that I’m meditating upon how i’m pimping my mac; running in my mind how i would configure the shortcuts, replaying the orbiting globe on google earth, virtually placing the tools i want to run respectively on mac and windows (e.g. portable apps) while toggling bootcamp, and looking forward to the future where a new world will dawn upon the dark ages of my dying pc.

i think the geek has got something to do with this.

you think?


Hmmm… really? šŸ˜‰

puffapod says:

oit! welcome to the macbook “community”. bwahaha. šŸ˜› show me tmrw. i want to get garskin for my apple. wanna go? only after the marking is done tho. next week is good.

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